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Thinking of buying your first Mossberg gun? You’ll love how Mossberg innovates precision, reliability, and power throughout its gun series. That’s what the brand has been focusing on since 1919 while revolutionizing the entire firearm industry in the US. At Mossberg Gunstore (MG), we were fortunate to witness the biggest breakthroughs as a Mossberg dealer and make it easier for you to transform your shooting with them.

We carry Mossberg’s most popular and iconic gun series, including the 500. The world’s most reliable shotguns, rifles, and pistols are now in one place and ready to ship. They are all made in America and proven to exceed Americans’ expectations for amateur or professional shooting.

In addition to online gun sales, MG collections are filled with ammo for all shooting needs. Whether you’re hunting waterfowl or stocking up on rounds for home defense, there’s plenty of ammunition you can get for your Mossberg firearm.


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Choose from Mossberg guns for sale online at MG and specify your FFL dealer’s address as a delivery destination. Your firearm or ammo will make it to your nearest dealer within 6 days. Expedited shipping is also available to reduce the delivery time to 3 days. You can select your best option at the checkout step.

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Since 1919, Mossberg has produced firearms for sporting, self-defense, and law enforcement purposes, and our pistols, shotguns, and rifles are respected in the industries they serve. In Mossberg reviews, many gun owners praise the manufacturer’s models for their reliability and value.Mossberg Shotguns are an obvious first stop for first time and experienced gun buyers alike. If you have been searching for a shotgun, no doubt Mossberg has come up at least once in your research. With affordable high-quality products made in America, there’s a good reason to start and end your search at Mossgunstore.com.Mossberg as a company has always been an organization with a solid reputation. Over 90% of their firearms manufacturing takes place in Texas, with the remaining percentage being created where the company laid its initial roots in Connecticut. Their mission has been to produce quality firearms for the working class at affordable prices. With over 50+ bolt action rifles currently in production, and a number of renowned shotguns, they have always striven to provide the average American with “More gun for the money.”

So if American made is on your list of needs in a shotgun, Mossberg is one place to start your search. If having a large selection to choose from is another need on your list, look no further.


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Buy Mossberg guns for self-defense

Mossberg is renowned for many great additions to must-have at-home safety rules. Take the 500 shotgun. A pure joy to handle, the 500 elevates your self-defense practices with military-grade dependability and accuracy. With average recoil, this shotgun is pretty lightweight for this type of firearm and allows for easy barrel upgrades, as well as aftermarket improvements. But even if the Mossberg 500 doesn’t cut it for your self-defense needs, you can shop weapons in a variety of pump-action and semi-auto styles that will meet them. For concealed carry, you can also check out MG pistol collections and be sure you can stay safe, no matter what

Mossberg guns for hunting

No ducks and geese can flee from your shot when you use a Mossberg gun. Optimized for accuracy and in-the-field conditions, the brand’s firearms are ideal for waterfowl hunters who seek do-it-all weapons. From the 500 to the Patriot line, you have quite a few options here to increase your chances of bringing home hunt treasures.

Even a seemingly cheap Mossberg gun can make your hunting trips more rewarding than some fancy non-Mossberg firearm. The manufacturer delivers fantastic precision in all its products, trusted by hunters for over a century.

The Mossberg 500

When it comes to Mossberg shotguns, or any pump action shotgun in general, you’d be hard pressed to not hear about the Mossberg 500. It first came to market in 1960, and since has been a continuously changing and evolving platform. Because of these innovations and changes, the 500 has remained a best-seller, selling over 10 million units in its almost 60 year run.

These changes and innovations in the Mossberg 500 have resulted in many different variants of the shotgun making it to market. There are three distinct categories of the stock model 500, to include the Mossberg 500 Hunting, Mossberg 500 Tactical, and the Mossberg 500 flex. Each of these categories also has a set number of distinct variants where the shotgun was tailor-built with a specific purpose in mind. The Mossberg 500 Hunting has 20 different variations, the Tactical has 13, and the Flex has another three variant shotguns.

With all of these options, any individual searching for a shotgun would be hard pressed not to find a Mossberg 500 that was tailor-built for the task they have at hand.

The Mossberg 500 Tactical

Mossberg’s Tactical 500 was built with law enforcement and the military in mind. They offer 13 different variations of the weapon, and each version is prepared to take on a variety of missions. Like a tactical Mr. Potato-head, the Mossberg 500 Tactical is also capable of being altered on the drop of a dime to fit any mission specific need.

The features on the Mossberg 500 Tactical are much the same as the hunting variation of the shotgun. These include the ambidextrous top-mounted safety, dual extractors, steel-to-steel lockup, twin action bars, and an anti-jam elevator. On top of this Mossberg has also added tri-railed forends to facilitate added accessories and an adjusting stock to allow the end-user to fit the weapon to their current need. You can check out our full review on the Mossberg 500 Tactical here.


Mossberg guns for shooting sports

Are you about to put your competitive spirit to the test? Doing that with Mossberg gives you a competitive edge right off the bat. Clay shooters and other professional sportsmen choose to buy Mossberg guns like the 930 or 940 to benefit from next-level ergonomics, adjustability, and accuracy. It always feels great to control your every shot with precision and enjoy a sports-inspired fit when shooting or carrying

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